USMLE Step 2


       USMLE Step 2 is also a  one-day Computer-based Test about clinical science. It assesses whether you can apply the knowledge and understanding of clinical science considered essential for the provision of patient care under supervision, including emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. It stresses clinical topics and skills, such as diagnosis, prognosis, and preventive measures. It includes approximately 400 questions given in 9 hours of testing time. The testing time is divided into eight 60-minute blocks with approximately 50 questions in each block. The test items aren't grouped by clinical subject but are presented in a random, interdisciplinary sequence. There are six subjects tested on the exams.

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Subjects tested on Step 2

  Internal Medicine

  Obstetrics and Gynecology


Preventive Medicine & Public Health




ASPECT ONE : Normal conditions and Disease Categories

(10-15%) Normal Growth and Development, General Principles of Care
(85-90%) Individual Organ Systems or Types of Disorders


ASPECT Two : Physician Task
(15-20%) Promoting Health and Health Maintenance
(25-40%) Understanding Disease Mechanisms
(25-40%) Establishing a Diagnosis
(10-20%) Applying Principles of Management


Question format

       USMLE questions are arranged by format. There are three multiple-choice formats used: single best answer, matching, and a relatively new format called "pick N." For all formats, there are 3 to 26 answer choices (for the one best answer format, there are usually five answer choices). Most items describe a patient and ask you to identify the underlying mechanism of the disease, propose a diagnosis, order diagnostic studies, or initiate treatment. There are few questions that incorporate graphic, tabular, and pictorial material.



Fact to know: For IMG the score are the critical part of the application.